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State of Washington College Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention (CCSAP)

Conference Presentations

Materials from the June 2013 CCSAP Conference –

Materials from the June 2012 CCSAP Conference –

Materials from the May 2011 CCSAP Conference –

      • Marijuana Use among College Students: Solutions for College Health Professionals
      • Scott Walters, Ph.D.
      • Associate Professor of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
      • The University of Texas School of Public Health
      • Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance among college students. As a result, college health professionals are very likely to encounter marijuana users who are referred for disciplinary or other reasons. Unfortunately, compared to alcohol, there has been relatively little research on effective prevention and intervention approaches for marijuana. While treatment for marijuana use shares some similarities with treatment for alcohol use, there are also important differences between the two, including the recent push to legalize medical marijuana in some states. This presentation will focus on current rates and predictors of marijuana use, ways that marijuana treatment may be different than treatment for alcohol and other drugs of abuse, and examples of evidence-based prevention and intervention approaches. The presentation will also discuss implications of medical marijuana for college health professionals.
      • Motivating Offenders to Change: A Guide for Probation and Parole
      • Interventions for College Student Athletes
      • Matt Martens, Ph.D.
      • Associate Professor, Department of Educational, School, & Counseling Psychology
      • University of Missouri
      • The purpose of this presentation will be to discuss research related to the prevention of excessive alcohol consumption among college student athletes. The presentation will first provide an overview of general issues associated with alcohol consumption among college athletes. This will be followed by a discussion of the research on specific prevention strategies that have been examined among this population. The presentation will conclude with recommendations for future research and clinical directions.
      • Best Practices on a Shoestring Budget – How to Get the Most ‘Bang For Your Buck’
      • Carla Lapelle
      • Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Student Development, Marshall University
      • Chair, Executive Committee, The Network
      • You can afford any prevention strategy if you are willing to rethink your activities and focus on your goals. This program will provide specific information in three money saving categories:
        • Spending efficiently — Using the most effective programs for your target’s level of readiness
        • Getting it done for little or nothing — Partnering with faculty and students, and incorporating existing services to reach your goals
        • Finding money — Stories of successful funding that may guide your searches
      • And finally, we will briefly brainstorm inexpensive ways to meet your specific goals.
        • Substance Use and the Brain: Implications for College Students
        • Susan Tapert, Ph.D.
        • Acting Chief of Psychology Services, VASDHS
        • Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD
        • Dr. Tapert has authored several widely-cited studies comparing brain scans of adolescent and college-age heavy drinkers to non-drinkers. Her presentation will provide an overview of what we know to date on how the brain continues to develop into young adulthood, and the influence of the most commonly used drugs on college campuses, alcohol and marijuana, on these important developmental processes. State-of-the-art brain imaging and cognitive testing findings are presented. The influence of alcohol advertising on young adults’ brains will also be discussed. Importantly, the presentation will offer implications for providers, educators, and parents of substance using college students of what we have learned from brain science. This research has been featured recently on National Public Radio, The New York TImes, and other media outlets.

Other Conference Presentations

      • Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention in Higher Education Conference
      • Department of Education
      • Office of Safe & Drug-Free Schools
      • October 18, 2010